The District Industries Centre has been set up to render all assistances under one  roof to the potential entrepreneurs for starting their own industries.

The activities of District Industries Centres are enumerated below.


  1. Registration of SSI units (Permanent/ Provisional).
  2. Registration of Handicrafts/Cottage industries.
  3. Implementation of Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana.
  4. Granting of Subsidies to SSI units.
  5.  Distriburtion of Project profiles among enterpreneurs.
  6. Training for Entrepreneur Development Programme.
  7. Organisation of Industrial Cooperative Societies.
  8. Raw Material assistance through SIDCO. 
  9. Allotment of sheds in Electrical & Electronic Industrial Estates.
  10. Marketing assistance through SIDCO,  TANSI, TALCO.
  11. Conducting of Motivation Campaigns.
  12. Clearance of licenses etc. through Single Window Meeting.
  13.  Rehabilitation  of sick SSI units.
  14.  Recommendation of Awards to SSI units.
  15.  Recommendation of loan applications to banks under KVIC Scheme.
  16.   Conducting of industrial facilitation council.

                  The details of most backward/backward blocks in respect of Tiruchirappalli  District for the purpose of consideration of concessions and incentives of  Govt. are follows:


           (20% State capital subsidy)              (15% State Capital Subsidy)


            1. Marungapuri.                                             1. Manapparai.

            2  Uppiliapuram.                                            2. Manikandam.

            3. Vaiyampatti.                                              3. Thuraiyur

                                                                                                (including urban)

                                                                                    4. Andanallur.

                                                                                    5. Thathaiyangarpet.

                                                                                    6. Thiruverambur.

                                                                                    7. Mannachanallur.

                                                                                    8. Thottiam.

                                                                                    9. Musiri.




            An industrial undertaking in which the investment in fixed assets in Plant and Machinery whether held in ownership terms or on lease or by hire purchase does not exceed Rs.100 lakhs is called a Small Scale Industrial Undertaking.



            An  Industrial Undertaking which is engaged or proposed to be engaged in the manufacture or production of parts, components, sub-assemblies, toolings or intermediates or the rendering of services and the undertaking supplies or renders or proposes to supply or render not less than 50% of its production or services as the case may be to one or more other industrial undertakings and whose investment in fixed assets in Plant and Machinery whether held on ownership terms or on lease or on by hire purchase does not exceed Rs.100 lakhs is called an Ancillary Industrial Undertaking.



            Industry related Service and Business Enterprises with investment upto Rs.10 lakhs in fixed assets excluding Land and Building are called Small Scale (industry related) Service and Business Enterprises (SSSBE).



            All Small Scale units with investment limit in Plant and Machinery upto Rs.25 lakhs irrespective of the location of the unit are called Tiny enterprises.




             The District Industries Centre issues both Small Scale Industry provisional and Permanent registration.

            The unit, which are functioning, are eligible for SSI. PMT registration.  Physical verification of existence of the unit is compulsory to give SSI PMT Registration.

            The firms, which are yet to commence activity, are eligible for SSI Provisional registration.  Nowadays Provisional registration certificate are issued on-line too.         


                         The Small Industries Service Institute, Chennai had conducted industrial potential survey and on its report the following industries have been suggested for development of SSI in this district.

 1. Rice Bran Oil

2. Activated carbon from Paddy Husk

3. Rice Husk Hydraulic puzzolana

4.Household Detergents from Paddy Husk

5. Rice Bran Wax (upgraded)

6. Manure based on coir pith

7. Coir Geo Textile

8. Poly coir

9. Coconut husk particle board

10. Desiccated coconut powder

11. Coconut shell cups as ice cream cups

12. Coconut shell charcoal

13. Coir moulded Baskets

14. Coir Bristle fibre for Brushes

15. Cut Coir

16. Coir yarn

17. Coir Mats                                                

18. Coir matting with or without latex backing

19. Coir carpets

20. Coir rugs

21. Jowar based Glucose and jowar flakes

22. Manufacture of seeds and seedling

23. Paper Boards from Agricultural waste

24. Bio Fertilizer and Bio Control Agents

25. Banana Fabric Polymer composite

26. Banana Fibre and Fancy articles

27. Cushioning material out of banana stem

28. Banana figs (Dehydrated banana)

29. Chips, Flour/Powder, Jam, Fruit bar, Juice, baby food, biscuits, alchol out of


30. Chilly sause                                                                                                                    

31. spices and spice products

32. Citric Acid, (lime)

33. Herbal Medicines, Herb based cosmetics, natural dyes.

34. Cotton Textiles and Readymade garments

35. Auto components

36. Auto conversion kit

37. Safety valve system for LPG run vehicles

38. Aluminium pressure Die castings

39. Water filter candles

40. Activiated lime pozzolana Mixture

41. Granite polishing (Export oriented)

42.   Plastic products and toys for export

43. Mineral water

44. Electronic toys

45. Software/IT enabled services

46. Gold Jewellery (Export oriented)

47. Tourism based and Recreational activities

48. Leather goods

49. Silk Realing and knitting

50. Milk products

51. Horticulture based products

52. Pisciculture

53. Power generation based on solar energy.



             This committee functions under the Chairmanship of District collector.   Its members include officials from Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, District Fire Office, Inspector of Factories, Town and Country Planning Office and District Environmental of Engineer.  The District Industries Centre acts as the Nodel agency.

               The objective of the committee is to help the potential entrepreneurs obtain all clearances and approvals required from Government Departments to start a Small Scale Industry, within a month.  Entrepreneurs who desire to start a SSI unit can get a Single application form meant for this purpose from District Industries Centre.  The filled up application forms should be submitted to District  Industries Centre.  The District Industries Centre in turn will forward the request to all the line departments.  The District Industries Centre will continuously monitor the stages of progress in the concerned departments.  Any un reasonable delay noticed will be brought before the Committee so that the committee can pass suitable orders to the erring departments.

              The Industrialists in this District are requested to make use of this committee.



             The council will act under the provisions of Arbitration and coniliation Act 1996 (Central Act 26 for 1996) and the rules made there under.  The purpose of the council is to arbitrate and settle any delay in payment for the Goods supplied by a registered SSI unit.  The Chairman of the council is Director of Industries and Commerce.  It's members are District Collector, TANSTA, Chennai etc.

              Any SSI Permanent unit, functioning in Tiruchy District, which rightly feels that there has been a delay in payment for the products supplied to any buyer can  apply to the council through District Industries Centre.  The District Industries Centre is the Nodal office for this council.  The Council will make the supplier and buyer to appear before it on an indicated date.  On appearance of both the parties, the council will first make conciliation between the buyer and seller.  If this is not passible, the council will order the final settlement of dispute.

             No appeal against any decree, award or other orders of the council shall be entertained by any court unless the buyer has deposited with it seventy five percent of the amount.


            This important scheme envisages setting up of Agro-based small scale industries in all 385 unions of Tamilnadu with a minimum investment of Rs. One crore in each Block in the year 2002-2003.

              The  industries thus started will be eligible for 15% subsidy on machineries, and 5% additional subsidy for employing women workers more than 50% of workforce.  Besides the unit will attract Low Tension Power Tariff subsidy at the rate of 30%, 20% and 10% for the first three years of operation and 15% Generator subsidy on the cost of new Generator purchased.

              This scheme is successfully being implemented at present in this District.  Totally Twelve projects with an investment of Rs. 1028 lakhs are coming up in Tiruchy District.  More No.of applications are invited from potential entrepreneurs to start innovative Agro-based ventures.

              The District Industries Centre, will monitor the progress of all industries cleared under this scheme.  All clearances, approval, power plot and Land requirements of the unit will be provided on war footing.  The Entrepreneurs, can avail loans from Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation.


            In District Industries Centre, Tiruchy one such Export Guidance cell is functioning to provide information's on export front to the needy entrepreneurs.  Any industrialists, interested in getting details of Export Promotion councils functioning in our country and possibilities available in our District to start an Export-oriented unit, can approach this cell to get valuable informations.  Steps are being taken to up-date the information available in this cell.  Efforts to identify the existing potential and future possibilities are going on.


            The PMRY scheme helps the educated un-employed youth to start profitable venture on self employment basis.  A maximum assistance of Rs. 2 lakhs on Industry Service ventures and Rs. 1 lakh in case of business ventures will be extended.  The candidates interested to get assistance under this scheme should satisfy the following conditions.


1. The candidates should have passed atleast Eighth standard

2. He/she should reside in Tiruchy District for atleast 3 years.

3. The total family income should not exceed Rs. 40,000/- P.A.

4. The upper Age limit is 35 years.

     For Women, Ex-Service men, SC, ST and handicapped persons the age is      relaxed upto 45 years.

5. If the candidate has availed any schemes with central subsidy, he/she  will      not be eligible for this scheme




             This scheme was inaugurated on 12.9.02 by the Honourable Chief Minister.  By this scheme, any entrepreneur can obtain SSI Provisional registration certificate on-line, from approved browsing centers within a matter of minutes at an affordable cost.  For this purpose Five browsing centers in Tiruchy District have been accorded permission.  Entrepreneurs wishing to get SSI provisional certificate can directly approach these center and obtain certificates.  So far about 65 such certificates have been issued in our District.





              Under this scheme the District Industries Centre had imparted Training to 1000 Women entrepreneurs in the  year 2001-2002.  During 2002-2003, it has been decided to give training to 200 women entrepreneurs under PMRY category, 400 candidates under technically qualified persons category and 400 women candidates in self  help Group category.  As on date about 210 candidates have been trained on all categories put together.  The District Industries Centre will provide Escort service to all the Trained women candidates in obtaining financial assistance and finally setup a feasible venture.

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