The most famous    land  mark   of this district   is            Rockfort   Temple.     This temple crowns a  massive  outcrop of rock, that soars 83 meters    upwards, from   the  surrounding   plains.  It is reached by a step flight of  437 steps cut into the rock. Halway up is  the Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.  It  has  a   100    pillared hall, and a Vimana. From    its     summit  we   will   get a fantastic   view   of    the  town    plus  its  other  main    landmark, Srirangam,  Cavery   River,   Coleroon River , Thiruvanaika Kovil


Srirangam-rajagopuram Sanctity is accorded to a place  on the basis of its threefold popularity   of the presiding deity, the quality of the  holy waters and its hoary past.  The     holy shrine   of  Srirangam  has  al   l these attributes    in    rich    measure.    The  township of Srirangam envelopping the shrine is situated on a tiny island formed by the bifurcation of the river Cavery at  a  place   called   Mukkombu (Upper    anaicut).   The        southern distributary   of   the   river   retains the name  Cavery,    while    the     northern branch is called  Coleroon. The abode of the Supreme Lord, Sri Ranganatha, the reclining   form of  Lord Vishnu is situated in   Srirangam   8 kilometers from Trichy city.There   are  not  less than 22 gopurams, one of which is the tallest in India. The 72m high 13-tiered Rajagopuram was built in 1987 while the remaining 21 gopurams were built between th 14th and 17th centuries.


Thiruvanaikaval    Jambukeswara       Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva  is situated  2     kms east of Srirangam, The temple is named after the   elephant   which  is   believed   to    have worshipped Lord Siva here.  Installed  under an ancient Jambu tree, the lingam is partially submerged by water and meant to represent  God incarnate as water. Thiruvanaika


Lourdu Church Built in 1812, this church has lovered doors, which when opened, turns the church   into    an   airy   pavilion.   Its excellent    setting    and    marvelous architecture,    makes   it  a site worth visiting. It is in the heart of the Trichy city, surrounded by commercial markets.


Nathervali It  is  ancient  Durga more    than 1000  years old.  It  is  marvelous architecture , the doom is made up of shining marbles giving a great look to the  Durga.  It  is  also  situated in the heart of Trichy City.


A wonderful picnic spot,where  the river  Kollidam   branches  off from the river Cavery. It is 18 kilometer from Trichy City.



Grand Anaicut Grand Anaicut (Kallanai  Dam)- An   Ancient dam built by Karikala Chola across the river Cavery in 2 AD.
Samayapuram Famous for its shrine to Goddess Mariamman. It is in the National Highway   45 (Trichy - Chennai highway). It is 20 kilometer from Trichy City.
Vekkaliamman Kovil The very famous   Amman   Temple  situated    at Woraiyur.   (& kilometer from Trichy City)
Vayalore The Place of Temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is 6 kilometer from Trichy City.
Puliancholai A fine picnic spot, it is located in the foot hills of the kolli rage. It is 72 kilometers from Trichy city.

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